Bus Restoration from Bucks Bodyshop, West Sussex

Our West Sussex bus restoration service is very similar to what we can do for coaches.

First, we take the bus apart, then make a list of what’s good, the parts that need to be fabricated and the parts that need to be sourced.

Next is the process of preparation and fabrication. With all our West Sussex Bus Restorations, we make sure all our preparation and fabrication is always done to the highest standard possible.

Areas that need it are then painted, and the bus is slowly put back together. When all the interior and exterior panels are back on, the preparation process for painting starts, and once the vehicle is prepped it is painted highest standard possible using high-quality paint that ensures customer satisfaction.

After this, the fitting up process begins! This is where every part is cleaned and polished if necessary before going back on.

This, of course, is a very basic run down of our West Sussex bus restoration service. If you’d like more details about your specific coach restoration needs, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to that you through the whole coach restoration service one step at a time.

Bucks Bodyshop is the number one choice for bus restoration work in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and further afield.

Bucks Bodyshop is proud to have restored a Routemaster for the Southern Transit Bus Company, which received an award at the 60th anniversary of the Routemaster at Finsbury Park in London.